Pipe replacement compared to pipe lining

Wondering about pipe replacement compared to pipe lining to solve your plumbing challenges?

If you're reading this, chances are you've run into a pipe repair challenge in your home or at your business. A broken pipe is as disruptive as it gets, especially if it's a sewer pipe repair. You just want it fixed immediately, in the shortest amount of time possible, and it would be great if the pipe repair doesn't break the bank.

A quick Google search or some other referral likely connected you to a plumbing specialist. Hopefully they explained all your options, but maybe the choice is still about as clear as the sewer water invading your space, leaving you with questions like:

  • What is pipe lining?
  • How’s it different from pipe replacement?
  • Which is better?
  • Which is cheaper?
  • Which lasts longer?
  • Which is the least disruptive in an already troublesome plumbing situation?

Well, read on…

Pipe replacement involves excavation or digging down to the old pipes, cutting out the problems areas, and replacing with new ones. Simple, right? It’s actually a major operation that involves tearing up your yard, driveway, digging underneath your foundation, and even tearing up floors inside your home. Not exactly a walk in the park.

Pipe lining, in contrast, is a trenchless or no-dig solution that uses a special lining technology and epoxy curing process to create a pipe within a pipe. Excavation can typically be avoided saving time and money. And your home or business won’t turn into an archaeological dig site.

The pipe lining process includes a camera inspection by a certified technician to map the affected areas. NuFlow DFW uses software to create a detailed view of the pipes and connections which will remain with your property after completing the project. The technician cleans the pipes, inserts an epoxy saturated felt liner into the pipe, and expands the liner with a rubber bladder that presses the liner into place. The curing process takes 10 to 15 hours creating a new pipe inside the old pipe.

Some misconceptions…

Pipe lining is not a temporary fix – it’s a durable long-lasting solution meant to reinforce your plumbing for decades. Pipe lining repairs work on pipes made of clay, concrete, cast iron, and PVC which covers most new and old plumbing situations. There’s less waste, it’s environmentally friendly, reduces water friction, and uses the old pipe to reinforce the new pipe for greater stability and increased longevity.

When is pipe replacement the right solution? Generally, when pipes are severely damaged, collapsed, or there’s major root intrusion. All of which can be determined in the upfront inspections.

Still unsure…

If you understand what it is but don’t know if pipe lining versus pipe replacement is the right decision. Call us! This choice doesn’t have to add to the stress of failed plumbing in your home or office. We will listen, advise, and inspect so you can fully understand your options and feel confident you’re doing the right thing.

NuFlow DFW serves the Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton and surrounding DFW area. Call or click now to speak with a specialist and put your pipe repair issues behind you.